We are on a Mission

We envision a world where all skilled, focused, and innovative minds have equal access to the opportunity. If you are passionate about transforming the tech industry, join our team and make the change happen.

C-Tel respect diversity and we take pride ourselves in hiring talented individuals from all backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. Each individual at C-Tel brings their perspectives, work experiences, lifestyles, and cultures with them, and we believe that a more diverse team creates more innovative solutions, provides a better service to its customers, and helps us all grow and learn as individuals.

Our values


We have an entrepreneurial mindset, and we take the initiative to create value for our clients and partners. When we help our clients, C-Tel wins. We prioritize understanding their needs and exceeding their expectations in everything we do.

Lifelong Learner

We are transforming the experiences our people have. We bring a spirit of curiosity to all that we do. We strive to get better every day and take pride in our work. We celebrate achievements and learn from mistakes to improve our performance.


We are generous and courageous when giving and receiving ideas and feedback. We are good listeners and embrace a diversity of thought from all backgrounds. Our focus is to create an environment of innovations with absorption of new ideas.


We are not like senior/junior, we are a team, we help each other to learn and grow. We are active participants of our community, inside and outside our office. We ensure our teams have equal access to learning and development opportunities.

Equal Opportunity Employer

C-Tel does not discriminate based on race, colour, creed, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, height, weight, or marital status. Every day our team honoured to work with entrepreneurs and innovators from every corner of India, and we aim to build a team that reflects the diversity of our country and constitution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Job applications are limited to 3 totals. Be sure to apply for roles that strongly match to your specific skills and work experience.

Yes, we hire part-time and freelance candidates too, visit our career section for these roles. We update all types of opportunities from time to time.

Yes, we are open to students from diverse backgrounds but be sure of your age, availability, restrictions, and legal compliance.

Yes, we hire. We need people with a broad set of skills and experiences, not just tech skills, to solve complex problems that come with bringing our services. This helps us to build better platforms, make better decisions, and serve our clients better.

Focus on your skills and strengths. Show us something you've best. We look for candidates who have got that same creative mind-set, what we need. Do not hesitate to talk about your professional past, that can be success and failure both, it helps us to understand your potential better.

We ask candidates to wait 6 months before applying for another role at C-Tel. This gives you time to increase your skills and gain experience so that you can be successful in the interview process in the future.