CTIS Track and Trace systems assures the end users ascertain and verify the origin and source of the product and serves as a tool in enhancing supply chain Transparency Levels reducing the risk of counterfeit supply.

Track and Trace

Compliance is Ensured and Quality
Assured using CTIS track and trace systems.

Various types of supply chain processes and procedures with reference to different industries and commodities involve Shipment and Transit from the stages of production to that of consumers and the distribution of supplies of varied nature and type necessitate the determination of the Current and the Past locations involving the supply chain management process.

The technologies that emerged from time to time devised traceability solutions and systems in real time by means of bar coding, unique identity number generation etc and at the Forefront, CTIS Track and Trace System Develops the best of the available technologies and Platforms to provide Robust and Effective Traceability Mechanisms that support the Colossal Segments of various trade domains.

CTIS Track & Trace mechanisms Seamlessly Integrate with Supply Chain Management Procedures and effectively Automate, Modernise And Streamline Processes that provide for greater Visibility and Coordination between authorities and the various bodies inevitably because of improved and efficient procedural work flows and processes.