Innovative and Reliable Liquor Supply Chain Process Integration and Authentication



The Need for Genuine, Legitimate, Authentic liquor and liquor markets paves the way for validation and verification of the sale and trade of liquor. Authentication is the crucial factor responsible for transparent trade and necessitates mechanisms and systems being capable of addressing and surmounting the demands and challenges of the current liquor trade scenarios.



C-Tel Infosystems
Novel and Effective Liquor Bottle Validation,
Authentication Mechanism.


Track, Monitor, Control, Regulate and Retail,

Harnessing the nascent platforms of the various technological domains
or spheres is a Noble and a Valuable proposition in enabling
the concerned machinery and systems to Authenticate,
Provide and Protect Customers better.

In Consequence and Essence C-TEL INFOSYSTEMS Novel and Reliable Track and Trace Mechanism; software application based Supply Chain Management Process and Authentication System enables Effective Tracking and Validation of liquor bottles on a sole entity basis feasible and possible.

The perils and the menace of spurious and counterfeit liquor supply, crippling the Indian markets are radically under check with C-Tel Infosystems; High Security Two Dimensional Barcode Hologram based HPFS in place.

Envisaged and Developed by C-Tel Infosystems - CTIS, 'Hedonic Path Finder System' HPFS is implemented on the norms of 'Build-Own-Operate-Transfer' (BOOT) model and is highly regarded and accredited as a reliable way to monitor and control the sale and trade of liquor,

largest revenue

The Prohibition and Excise departments under the Govts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are the second largest revenue generating divisions of the individual states that have promptly Implemented Department Wide Systems to facilitate and monitor authenticated liquor sale and supply within their respective jurisdictions and states.

HPF System is Innovative by nature and instrumental in function, efficiently addressing the demands of the liquor trade where authenticity, accountability and quality are the vital aspects that govern the Welfare of the Customers, Trade Intermediaries and the Liquor Markets as such.

HPFS 'Hedonic Path Finder System' Equips and Enables the govt machinery or functionaries to supply and Ensure Quality Liquor on a holistic basis from distillation to consumption by the customers and ensures, trusty worthy and authenticated liquor as against spurious and counterfeit liquor which is harmful and lethal most of the times.


C-TEL INFOSYSTEMS, Endeavour to Enable the Enforcement Systems in providing safe, reliable liquor by ensuring Transparent Trade and Sale Mechanisms is enunciated by the fact that,

'Hedonic Path Finder System' HPFS, Enables and Empowers Enforcement Systems and other mechanisms Control Illegal Sale Of Liquor at the retail out lets, Prevents Illicit Trafficking, Monitors Revenue Generation and Controls Revenue Leakage by identifying violations with regards to pricing (MRP) and other concerning aspects of trade and sale.

The Threat or the Risk of Consuming Spurious and Counterfeit Liquor is Negated, also empowering customers through sustained efforts and dedication in ensuring the best in terms of authenticity, validity and clarity using viable and Contemporary Technological Means and methods.

Customer Empowerment is a high priority when enabling access information with regard to the associated particulars that data can be precisely obtained by scanning the affixed hologram through Android Based Application devices ranging from personal phones tabs etc.


HPFS Dexterously enables efficient Workflows, pertaining operations and management processes which are an integral part of the various functions and activities comprising the Requisition, Supply and the Receipt Cyclical Stages of the Supply Chain Process and so augments the Efficiency of various Operational and Functional Systems to a Greater Degree and Scale.

Paperless or E-Management Simplifies and Automates several procedures which are otherwise cumbersome and complicated using conventional methods or practices.

Additional Revenue Generation

The Additional Revenue Generated resultant of automated procedures, Plugging Revenue Leaks and control of cannibalisation of liquor revenue owing to streamlining of the various activities with reference to control and regulation can be judiciously used for social welfare and spending by govt agencies in a way as to support a Noble Cause and Effort towards Building a Better Nation.


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The basic constituent which enables
Tracking and Tracing of liquor bottles.

The manufactured hologram is the vital element and the basic constituent which enables tracking and tracing of liquor bottles in real time. The hologram is manufactured under the guidelines of P&E departments of the concerned governments deploying HPFS.

From the stages of distillation to the end stages of sale to customers through shipment, storage and supply to retail outlets the hologram plays a crucial and an elemental role in the supply chain management process.

The hologram affixed on the bottle is a 2 dimensional bar code based plastic hologram, and is moisture, water and tamper proof by nature. Refrigeration or other dampening factors do not affect or alter the quality and function of the hologram by any means.

Shelf life is longer owing to sustainability and durability that last under varying atmospheric conditions and the hologram is virtually irreplaceable and far from duplication as it is manufactured using laser, optical and other state of the art emerging printing technologies.

The hologram features animation and other multiple effects pertaining embossed effects, channel effects, 2d ,3d effects and incorporates various kind of security features of overt and covert nature, all possible through printing and embossing technologies that dot the horizons of the present day hologram manufacturing technology scenarios.

Tamper proof, and if someone does tamper the holographic features inherently transfer on to the surface where the hologram is fixed.


HPFS – (Hedonic Path Finder System) plays a crucial role in liquor supply chain process management SCM from the basic stages of liquor distillery process to the various other stages of Depots, Retail outlets etc.

The Distillery Depot Retail Out Let process forms the Core of the SCM activity involving HPFS in terms of comprehensively automating and monitoring liquor supply till the end stages of sale at the retail outlets.

From the manufacturing stages of Raw Spirit Procurement, ENA Extra Neutral Alcohol Stages to different stages of distribution and sale to the consumer, the Hedonic Path Finder System HPFS Automates various processes at all the stages with respect to P&E, HEAL Manufacturing, Enforcement, Distilleries, Depots and Vendors/Retail Outlets, seamlessly integrating and synchronizing several of the pertinent processes, data and there by authenticating liquor supply and sale on a Holistic Basis.

All the processes are intricately interlinked beginning from the moment when the excise department initiates processes such as IFS-Indent For Supply, OFS-Order For Supply with regards to the distillery, and also issuing Procurement Indent for HEAL – Hologram Excise Adhesive Label and 2D Barcode printing with respect to the Hologram And Barcode Manufacturer, Supplier.

The holograms are consecutively supplied to the distillery and are linked with Central Servers, and there upon consist of data pertaining the Distillery information No Of Holograms, size of the Package, Date and Dispatch Time etc.

The holograms are precisely glued on to the caps of the bottled liquor using automated applicator mechanisms, procedures and ever since they are integral part of the bottles , the process being referred to as HEAL Hologram Excise Adhesive Labelling.

The process of authentication begins with Data Transfers linking the central server with the Inter related architectures of other systems and subsystems Interfaced on synchronous notes and manner. The Central server is the pivotal node that Interacts with Manufacturers, Distilleries, Depots and Vendors.

After the bottles are packed into cases and 1D one dimensional bar codes labelled, scanned, using hand held devices and warehoused, the data is synchronised with Local systems Central servers and Transport documents containing Information related to Vehicle info, Depot Info, No of cartons, Time of Dispatch, Distillery Info etc are generated and Transport permits TPs issued at appropriate time when being shipped to the relevant depots.

The shipment en route is further tracked using GEO fencing mechanisms GPS Route Tracking Systems that Track the shipment in transit and Monitors the movement from time to time with chronological precision and topographical direction. Way points are configured and a specific route is created, for the shipment in transit by using the latitudinal and longitudinal values. Deviating from or violating the specifically configured route is notified through SMS alerts, messages passed on to the concerning enforcement authorities of the relevant zone or area.

Receiving the shipment at the depot involves Re-scanning the stock received and verifying the various attributes using hand held scanning devices that link to the Central servers through local systems interfaced with Data base pertaining the authenticity of the shipment received.

The ware housing process of the shipment received is similar to ware housing at the distilleries and supply to Retail Outlets, ROs further follows the similar process of shipment where the cases are scanned the data recorded, TPs issued and the shipment after transit is received at retail outlets i.e. wine shops bars etc. The stock received is scanned authenticated and stored for sale to the end users or the consumers.

The bottle sold to the customer is further scanned with a Bill generated and the customer being facilitated to verify the genuinity of the sale using an Android / IOS based verification application VERIT, possible because of cyclical data exchange, communication and synchronisation between scanning devices Android / IOS application based mobile devices and the Central Server.

Downloads HPFS Customers App

Verit Customers App


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