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Footfall Management


Footfall management relates to the count of people entering a location or a business and has a variety of applications and functions.Industries of varied nature rely on the metrics of Numeric Data and the statistical account in the sense of measuring certain variables on the basis of Types,Proportion etc and has a reference of Correlation and variability.

Footfall Management

The count of people entering a location or a
business has a variety of applications
and functions

It is precisely this factor which necessitates an account and an accord by which inferences are derived. Customer evaluation in terms of the number of them leaving or joining, the factors of when why and how are always crucial and so the necessity to measure the Footfall or the exact count is predominantly necessary.

Development and use of Analytics of varied nature where the number of people assumes utmost significance and relevance in context and variance basing upon the size of several businesses or services is often based on the people count. Airports shopping malls and several other establishments and entities Ensure Clarity and inference based on Footfall management.

Analytical methods and tools help fore cast footfall and formulation of new plans and strategies is efficiently assured.

CTIS footfall services helps analyse and understand data better using advanced tools that analyse and interpret information by way of advanced footfall management methods.