Beverages dot the occasion in serving the needs of young and the old big or the small



The beverage industry is growing and the changing life styles are the factors that lead to increased
consumption and demand the world over.


Beverage markets as such involve extensive supply and distribution that require effective supply chain management processes and procedures where automating and modernising the SCM processes is the need and requirement of the hour.

Alcoholic or non alcoholic soft drinks, distribution to nook and corners resonates with the issues of authenticity and quality. The industry is reeling under the threats of duplicity and non-compliance and so the need for the best of the supply chain management practices underline the growth and scope of beverage industries at the domestic as well as the global markets of differentiating nature. Best of the transparency levels and better the associated logistics of trade and sale.

CTIS proficiency and expertise in incorporating authentication, track and trace mechanisms for the liquor supply chain process is state of the art in terms of catering to the various segments of the markets that ascribe to the efficiencies of retail automation and supply chain process applications, soft beverage markets being one of them.